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Reign of Woo

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It seems that John Woo may be back to form. Anyone who has seen the outstanding Red Cliff will know that Mr. Woo’s most recent movie is both astounding and from China. Woo left Hollywood, and I am very glad he did.

Now here’s news on another movie coming out of China, with John Woo as producer and co-director. This one looks like a period actioner, possibly wuxia, but I didn’t notice any wirework in the trailer. It’s called Reign of Assassins, and includes Michelle Yeoh (oh yeah!) and Jung Woo-Sung (the Good, the Bad, and the Weird). It looks pretty good.

Chances of me seeing it in theatre? Nil. Chances it’ll get wide release in Canada? Nil. Chance it might come to a repertory cinema near you? Hopefully high. I’ll definitely find this one and check it out.

The article from Twitch, including trailer, is here.

The IMDB page is here.