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Welcome to Sword’s Edge, Fraser Ronald’s presence on the internet. This was once an e-zine, then a speculative media news site, now it’s all about me. Those other purposes will remain—there will still be lots of speculative media news and comment—but there will be more as well. Anything I feel like putting up here.

Growing from the fiction portion of the now defunct website, Sword’s Edge came into its own in February of 2002, as a quarterly e-zine devoted to fantasy and science-fiction. Each issue included short fiction and reviews of movies and books. After August of 2005, Sword’s Edge was supported by Sword’s Edge Publishing, a role-playing game company owned by Sword’s Edge editor Fraser Ronald.

So, if you’re ready, you can go check out Sword’s Edge. There are plenty posts and even back issues of the spec fic e-zine to satiate your fantasy and science fiction needs.

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