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Cheesy Fantasy Films

So, very sick family ensured that I would miss SurvivorCon. I can’t tell you how saddened I am about that, especially since it sounded like such awesome fun. Honestly, I was kind of depressed all weekend long, thinking about the … Continue reading

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You Sunk My Blockbuster!

From the world of “are you fucking kidding me?” comes the movie Battleship. Now, having a movie based on that particular game in and of itself is kind of a WTF decision, but in a recent article, we learn that … Continue reading

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Alien GL Goodness

Comic Book Movie has pics of the final design for Kilowog from the upcoming Martin Campbell/Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie. It looks pretty cool. The question is, will we have Gollum or Jar Jar? Gollum—for me—integrated seamlessly into the movie. … Continue reading

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Reign of Woo

It seems that John Woo may be back to form. Anyone who has seen the outstanding Red Cliff will know that Mr. Woo’s most recent movie is both astounding and from China. Woo left Hollywood, and I am very glad … Continue reading

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Iredeemable Bad-@$$ . . . size small

Edgar Wright is pretty much a golden boy. I haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim yet (and likely won’t until it hits DVD), but everything I’ve read about it make me think cool! So Mr. Wright talking some Ant-Man movie is pretty … Continue reading

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Get the Hard Graft

If you like spy or special operations stuff, I think you’ll dig Hard Graft, a webcomic. I read a bunch of it over lunch, and I’m ordering the book. Yes, I’m going to pay for a physical copy of something … Continue reading

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Solidly Entertaining: That’s Me!

A new review has appeared of On Spec issue 79, the one that ran “For Simple Coin.” I wish I could claim this was a big, long loving review of my story, but it’s nice just to see it considered … Continue reading

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