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Alien GL Goodness

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Comic Book Movie has pics of the final design for Kilowog from the upcoming Martin Campbell/Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie. It looks pretty cool. The question is, will we have Gollum or Jar Jar? Gollum—for me—integrated seamlessly into the movie. I totally believed in his actual existence. Jar Jar was an obvious CGI addition to me.

It may have been the quality of the films more than the technology, I don’t know, but I really hope Kilowog (and any other alien GLs we get to see) are more Gollum than Jar Jar.

And even more than obvious CGI-ness, let’s hope he doesn’t resemble an offensive racial stereotype.

Yes, Jar Jar, I do mean you.

You can’t see the pic at Comic Book Movie, but it is still available at Screen Rant. For now.