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Rig for Silent Running!

It’s not as if this blog has never gone quiet before, or that there has never been three or four weeks between posts, but this time I have a good reason. Honest! I’m about to embark on an extended trip … Continue reading

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Statham is Pretty Safe

Safe is a pretty standard Jason Statham actioner. Statham, as usual, plays an anti-hero who is a one-man army. Similar to Redemption (known as Hummingbird in the UK), he is at the very bottom when he finds himself saving a young … Continue reading

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Five Influences on my Writing Philosophy

Over at Kickstarter, as part of an update for my crowd-funding page for Farewell, Something Lovely (please support!), I listed five important influences on my writing philosophy. This is not about my writing style or discipline, just how I approach … Continue reading

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Bad Sleep Is Bad

I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep recently. This isn’t good for a writer. Here’s why. 1) Lack of motivation. When I’m tired, I have a hard time getting off my ass or getting fingers on keyboard. This does … Continue reading

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Review: Iron Monkey

While I am a fan of martial arts movies, my knowledge of them is pretty pedestrian. I know the high points, but there have been a lot of important works that I’ve missed. In at least one case, that has … Continue reading

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