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Third Fantastic Four?

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fantasticfour.jpgI didn’t exactly hate the Fantastic Four movie, but I wasn’t a huge fan. Same for the next installment. Now, according to Variety, Fox is planning a Fantastic Four reboot.

It seems to me, this is let about trying to craft a better movie (considering the first one made a truckload of money) then trying to get a cheaper cast and locking them into a multi-picture deal.

Still, there is the chance that we’ll get a better movie this tine around. There’s a better chance we’ll get another critical failure that is entertaining but totally screws with the canon in entirely unnecessary ways. Seriously, there’s a reason the FF have been around for so long, and have remained popular.

I asked Fox not to mess up with Wolverine, but they ignored me. I figure they owe me one.

So, Fox, don’t mess up the FF again. Please.