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Tomb Raider Review

I never thought I would see Tomb Raider. Angelina Jolie running around in a tight t-shirt? Yeah, my wife would be so interested in that. However, after seeing Charlie's Angels (my wife does indulge my Cameron Diaz fixation) my wife wanted to see another movie in which a woman kicks some a$$. We came across Tomb Raider, and so my wife actually decided she wanted to see it.

If only I could have talked her out of it.

It's not that I don't like Angelina Jolie. Her personal life aside, I've kind of had a thing for her since I saw her in Hackers. However, she was about the only thing that kept my eyes on the screen. And even then, I almost dozed off a couple of times (and it wasn't very late at night!). The thing is, this movie's plot is muddled, it's acting wooden or hammy and its action sub-par. The only thing going for it is Angelina Jolie in a tight t-shirt.

Not that such a spectacle won't sell tickets.

To add to this, some of the characters were completely unnecessary. Really, what purpose does it serve to have both the butler and Bryce? When one is doing something, the other isn't. Or Mr. Pimms for that matter. What was the point of that character? To act flustered and overcome by Lara Croft's beauty? Just about everyone in the movie is overcome by Lara Croft's beauty. And as for the love interest, well, let's just say that was the most contrived, artificial part of a contrived and artificial movie.

Maybe this movie would have satisfied somebody going in to see the video game turned into live action. I don't know because I never played the video game. I'm not sure if I'm missing out on something, but this movie doesn't exactly entice me into playing the game. If the game has the same things going for it as the movie, I think I'll just leave well enough alone.

The less said about this movie, honestly, the better. The plot seemed to want to have a point, to have a destination it was travelling to, but it kept getting sidetracked and finally just disappeared. The actions sequences were nothing new or exciting. I'd seen it all before, and better.

If you are into the kind of story Tomb Raider wants to be, rent Hudson Hawk with Bruce Willis instead. At least it doesn't take itself so seriously. If you want to see beautiful women kicking the crap out of bad guys, check out Charlie's Angels. If you are a huge Angelina Jolie or Tomb Raider video game fan, this movie might be of interest. It barely held mine.