Other WIP

The official WIP is Fortune’s Soldier, however both Resistance: EARTH and the Bloody Dark received an equal number of votes–three-way tie!–so I will be pursuing them, though less diligently than Fortune’s Soldier. Backers of my Patreon will be receiving chapters of these works as well, and once Fortune’s Soldier is done, I’ll present the other two here as well. Until then, here are the synopses for those and the three other WIP that weren’t as popular.

First, the runners-up!

Resistance: EARTH

Resistance EARTH cover

A decade after an alien invasion replaced the governments of the Earth with the Unitary, a covert operative resurfaces. Now known as Decker, he joins old friends Sharma and Bren in finding the murderer of a friend, which Sharma believes will reveal the identity of a mole in the resistance against the aliens. Decker enters the Unitary’s “civilization,” seeking to disappear in a world of ubiquitous surveillance and danger.

Resistance: EARTH is a science-fiction/post-apocalyptic story of espionage, covert operations, and action against the forces of the alien overlords in a world that has sacrificed justice and freedom in return for security and peace.

The Bloody Dark

Bloody Dark Cover

The corporation abandoned Anesidora after plundering all its natural resources almost a decade ago, leaving its denizens to survive as best they could. On a dead world, the survivors created a new community, a society built on the ruins of corporate indentured servitude. They built something good. Now the corporation is back and it expects Anesidora to fall in line—it owns the planet and everyone on it. The survivors don’t see it that way, and they find a crew willing to teach them to fight, to protect the community they had built and the lives they had recovered.

The Bloody Dark is a science fantasy-action story inspired by the films the Seven Samurai and the Magnificent Seven about a group of mercenaries willing to protect something good for not much more than a pittance. It follows Thrace Targe—a marshall and gunslinger—Smoke—a manufactured human soldier—Kismet—an android gladiator—and the cyborg Shell as they seek to protect the fledgling independent colony of Anesidora and maybe find redemption.

And those that remain of interest to me, but will remain back-burner items for now.

Trans-Dimensional Skull Shot

TDSS Cover

A group of inter-galactic mercenaries who drifted apart after the death of their leader are brought back together to face a deadly corporate plot. Solitaire the operative, Chopper the brawler, Jester the assassin, Dust the mechanical genius, and Reaper, her warbot find themselves the targets of powerful corporations determined to build a super-weapon using Dust’s inter-dimensional technology. With the help of their broker, Spectre, they begin a clandestine war against a collective with access to vast resources. Outnumbered and outgunned, they need to rely on their cunning and capacity for violence to protect the galaxy and save themselves.

Trans-Dimensional Skull Shot is a science fantasy story of action and a little intrigue, focused on a group of hyper-competent mercenaries as they fight for survival and a little justice in a corporation-dominated interstellar society.


Stonefall cover

Two sisters—Adara and Daragal—from a kin group of nomadic herders learn that an evil power is rising on the steppes. As war threatens, they seek aid from the farming lands—the great cities of the coast with their bronze armour and weapons. They join a seer, his apprentice, and a blooded mercenary from the southern city-states in a quest to gain allies and find weapons that can oppose a being who has defied death itself.

Stonefall is a high-fantasy, imaginary world story set in a liminal period between the setting’s Neolithic/Copper Age and its Bronze Age. It follows two Neolithic herders—Adara and Daragal—the seer/sorcerer Herger, his apprentice Scylara, and the veteran warrior Tyndareus as they learn of the ancient demigod that is once again rising and find allies both contemporary and ancient to oppose the threat that could engulf their world.

Daughter of Glory

Daughter of Glory Cover

Mairwen must flee the only home she’s ever known, pursued by an enemy of a father who she does not remember, and face a world filled with dangers. As she learns more about the magical power she possesses, she he finds friends and allies ready to help her, and a world much wider than she had imagined. But the Archmage and the Guild Magi want her dead, it is willing to burn down the world around it to achieve that end.

Daughter of Glory is a high-fantasy quest story in an imaginary world with mythical creatures and people. It follows Mairwen, the daughter of a murdered Archmage, and her guardian Veris Fitzgurth as they assemble a party of adventurers in order to oppose and finally overthrow the sinister Guild Magi.