Issue 8, Volume 1, Number 8
October 2002

Editor: Fraser Ronald
Cover Illustration and Design by Bob Childers of Braincube Records.
Swords Edge Logo designed by Bob Childers.

Table of Contents

Editorial At What Price?
Perhaps you've noticed a small change this issue? If you're curious, here's the explanation.

Fiction Chances
A short story by Eric S. Brown and Gail Davis
One never knows how useful one might be to oneself. Or perhaps, the opposite.

Fiction The Green Sword
A short story by Peter J Welmerink
He needed to obtain it. He didn't need to kill for it . . . but he would.

Fiction Shalt Thou Reign Forever
A short story by Steven L. Shrewsbury
The Miskatonic Institute had the scroll. Dr. Robert Clarney had translated it. But who would accept it and what it revealed?

Fiction Another Knight On The Town
A short story by E.K. Rivera
Sometimes there's love, sometimes there's lust, and sometimes you just get killed.
Note: Some language used may give offense.

Fiction Soul Escape: The Reckoning
Serial fiction by Bob Childers
The darkness rolled in. The dead piled up. They called their champion. All else, as they say, is hidden.

Review Westchester Station Review
A book review by C. A. Casey
This is a review of a collection of short stories by Patrick Welch, from Double Dragon eBook.

Review Chronicles of the Deryni Review
A book review by Fraser Ronald
This is a preview of the first Deryni trilogy written by Katherine Kurtz, including Deryni Rising, Deryni Checkmate and High Deryni.

Review Embracing The Starlight Review
A book review by Fraser Ronald
This is a review of Dave Smeds' short story collection Embracing the Starlight, published by Dark Regions Press.

Review Fellowship of the Ring DVD Review
A DVD review by Fraser Ronald
It's been out for a while now. Maybe you've already bought your copy. Maybe you haven't. Here's the deal on the transfer, the extras and the value you're getting for your money.

The Gamer's Table Got Class?
An article by Chris Marlowe
The pros and cons of classes in role-playing games. Is that why they say I have no class?

The Writers' Workshop Micro and Macro Creation
An article by Fraser Ronald
When creating a world, should one work from the ground up or the universe down? Not that you'll get any straight answers from me.

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