Issue 23, Volume 3, Number 7
Summer 2006

Editor: Fraser Ronald
Cover Design by Fraser Ronald
Detail from "Naval Battle in the Gulf of Naples" by Pieter Bruegal, the Elder
Swords Edge Logo designed by Rob Wakefield.

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Cats Paw
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Table of Contents

Fiction The Hungry Bottle
A short story by Steve Goble
Stranded and desperate, Spider and Ezra find a mysterious bottle. All Spider wanted was some whiskey, all Ezra wanted was some wishes, but neither considered what the bottle might want.

Fiction The Wizard of Mars
A short story by Vera Searles
Mars needs women! Well, at least the warriors of Mars want women, and they expect the Wizard to get them some. But the formatron only vitalized male genticores, so where could even a Wizard find some women?

Serial Fiction The Last Symm, Part 1
Serial fiction by James McCormick
When the Krellus came, it brought war and ruin to the middle realm of Abalan. Tashir, a warrior of the Symm, faced the Krell and died. Or did he?

Review The Anubis Gate Review
A book review by Fraser Ronald
A review of the Tim Powers book about time travel, poets, killer clowns and the titular gate.

Review The Da Vinci Code Review
A movie review by Jay Mijares
So, what's the verdict on Ron Howard's adaptation of the extremely popular book, starring none other than Tom Hanks? Have a look.

Review Mission: Impossible 3 Review
A movie review by Jay Mijares
A review of the third in this action-adventure franchise, this one helmed by TV's J. J. Abrams, and bringing back Tom Cruise.

Getting Medieval Grim & Gritty
Fantasy RPGing
When it comes to fantasy games, the term "grim & gritty" is bounced around pretty commonly, but what does it mean? I can only tell you what it means to me. You decide if you agree or not.

Modernisms In-Game Bonding
Modern RPGing
James Bond is the most recognizable icon of the modern spy in popular culture, so no doubt some of the atmosphere of the Bond books and movies might trickle into your modern campaign.

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