Issue 6, Volume 1, Number 6
July 2002

Editor: Fraser Ronald
Cover Illustration: Walin, Sparrow and Mirek by Robert Wakefield.
Cover Design by Fraser Ronald.

Note: Due to personal reasons, there will be no August issue of Sword's Edge. Instead, a double-sized August/September issue will be produced. For six issues, this e-zine has been monthly. It isn't easy getting it out on time, and this is the first month it's been late. I am toying with the idea of making it bi-monthly, thereby increasing fiction content and decreasing the amount of time I spend on it. I hope there won't be too many upset readers. I assure you, the August/September issue will be worth the wait.

Table of Contents

Editorial Good God, I'm a Gamer!
Yeah, we've got characters on the cover and a new section called the Gamer's Corner. It's true, I'm a gamer!

Fiction The Dwellers Of Oar Knob
A short story
The cave was supposed to be deserted. There were only supposed to be bodies. That's okay, it just means more pay, right? It means a lot more than that.

Fiction Creepy Cleaners Inc: The Beginning
A short story
Got zombie brains all over the kitchen? Remember that werewolf you aced in the tool shed? Who's going to clean that up? Well, if you've got the money, Leo's got the team.

Fiction Race Into Blood
A short story
Sometimes fighting the good fight isn't all it's supposed to be. Sometimes you don't even know which is the good fight. And if the spirit of your dead father is around taunting you, sometimes you just don't care.

Fiction Hadrapole: Conflicts in the Night
Serial fiction from the Hadrapole shared setting.
Maeve and Kent find there's more to Fattah than even they had guessed. Andru is beginning to wonder whose side he's on. Chang makes Tyrrdin an offer he doesn't want to refuse.
Warning, some of the language used may give offence.

Review Soldiers Live Review
A book review by Fraser Ronald
This is a review of the book by Glen Cook, from Tor. This is final book of "Glittering Stone" and the final chronicle of the Black Company . . . for now.

Review GemQuest: The Twins Review
A book review by Fraser Ronald
This is a review of the book by Gary Wassner, from IUniverse.

Review Star Wars: Attack fo the Clones Review
A movie review by Fraser Ronald
The latest instalment from George Lucas, this is the new Star Wars movie which I'm sure you've all seen.

The Gamer's Corner Another Round, Barkeep or another round barkeep.
An article by Colin Couchman
The undercharacterized overused bartender finally gets the spotlight. When they're on stage, how should they be used? It's time to give the barkeep his due, and we ain't talking tips here. At least not that kind of tips.

The AtFantasy Writers' Workshop Worldbuilding and Magic: Sources
A Writers' Workshop Article.
Where, exactly, does all that magic come from? Have you, the author, thought about it? There's a good chance that the reader has, so you certainly should.

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