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A Bloody Crown Out Now

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Working cover for the novel A Bloody Crown: a castle wall in darkness

If you have been enjoying A Bloody Crown, the epub is now available at Amazon.

From its Amazon page:

The master of the most dread army in the East Kingdoms. The daughter of a hero, now a fallen kingdom’s last hope. A veteran mercenary yearning to return home. His best friend, whose supernatural talents would see her condemned by the Church. Together, they face an overwhelming enemy, determined to crush the last resistance in an occupied kingdom. They see hope in audacity. The see hope in the community. And they see hope in each other.

The Cyclops Banner: A Bloody Crown tells of lands beyond our own, where the Kingdom of Taulmeer pays a renowned mercenary general to assist the last spark of resistance in Kellalh, now ruled by its enemy. His lieutenant dreams of returning to his home and reuniting the family he left behind when he fled. But the rebellion in Kellalh must not only face an overwhelming enemy, but those within whose only interest is in themselves and their power..

There are those who are happy to rule a wasteland, as long as it’s their wasteland.

This is a character-focused story of politics and warfare, the first book in the chronicles of the Wars of Kellalh Independence as told in The Cyclops Banner.