Work In Progress – The Project

As of January 2021, my Patreon will be focused on long-form fiction. I will be posting chapters from a novel, providing at least 5,000 words of fiction each month. One chapter per month of the “official” work in progress (WIP) will be posted here, at Sword’s Edge, though I may publish two or more chapters of the work at my Patreon. I might also publish one chapter from that WIP and another from a different WIP, but there will always be one chapter for the official WIP until it is complete.

The WIP page is here. You can find my Patreon here.

Daughter of Glory Cover

So, what is this WIP? I have been sharing a first chapter preview and synopsis of each of the possible WIPs at my Patreon, and I have also posted them here, at Sword’s Edge. They are all available through the WIP page, which will be updated as this project proceeds. Right now, there is voting happening at my Patreon to see which of these six options is considered the most worthy of being extended to a full work—as I have said elsewhere, not might be worthy, but this is to decide the most worthy of available options.

If you feel strongly about one of these works, you can always join my Patreon and support its creation. You can also contact me through email or on Twitter to make your thoughts known.

TDSS Cover

Since I started publishing RPG material in 2004 (yow!), it has been my primary creative focus. I am now facing a bit of burnout. I have stopped running games (still playing, just not running games), and the vast majority of my creative energies are now being focused on writing fiction. I’m excited about this, though I recognize that those who know me, know me through my RPG work. Still, I’m going to do this for me and if it washes out of my system, or if I feel recharged, I’ll get back to running games.

It is also possible that running games online—only available options for me since March—just doesn’t give me the energy doing it in person does, and this may have leaked into my RPG creativity.

Whatever the case, it’s long-form fiction for the foreseeable future. I hope that future includes some people being entertained by what I’m writing.

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