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Getting All Patreon-izing

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I haven’t posted as much here as I should, and there are two reasons for that. One is that I haven’t been enjoying a lot of media – not watching anything or reading anything right now. Second is that instead of consuming media, I’ve been prepping for my Patreon.

Patreon is a crowd-funding platform based on the old patron-client relationship, like how a noble would maintain a bard on the payroll, or the rich Italian merchant houses made sure people like Michangelo were well-paid for their creations. In the case of Patreon, it’s kind of like a crowd-funding subscription service. Each month, there’ll be a release and for each release, subscribers will have pledged a certain amount. The base amount is $1, but there are higher tiers which have access to more or different products, and have a say in what will be produced.

Right now, I have adventures for some of my games. In September, I’ll release “Lawless Heaven,” an adventure for Sword’s Edge based on Korean action cinema. In October, it’ll be “Face ‘Splosion,” a Sword’s Edge adventure sci-fi actioner that’s an homage to the Borderlands video games. In November, it’ll be “Judged,” an adventure for Nefertiti Overdrive that bridges the adventure in the Quickstart Rules and in the main book. These are all ready to go. They’ve been written, laid out, and the PDFs are sitting on the hard drive waiting for me to pull the trigger.

The plan for December is a campaign framework, but that is in revision. I’m not sure how many pages it will end up being, so it might come as two different releases. After that? We’ll see. I also intend to release unpublished fiction and possibly a serialized novel through Patreon. It all depends on what the reaction is. Since higher tier subscribers have a say on what projects should enter the queue, it might end up all adventures, or short PRGs, or fiction. Hard to say.

Once I have a buffer of about six products (halfway there!) I’ll feel more comfortable putting time in elsewhere, until that, you can check out some of the RPG articles at SEP and maybe start saving your money for the Patreon.

I hear it’ll be kind of cool.