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Killjoys: A Quick Review

I’m on episode three of season one of Killjoys, a Syfy original about interplanetary bounty hunters. It’s interplanetary rather than interstellar because these bounty hunters work a collection of four planets known as the Quad or the J Colonies. It’s obviously inspired by Firefly without being a slavish imitation of it. There’s also a hint of Cowboy Bebop, though moreso just the idea of sci fi bounty hunters than characters or feel,

Given that this is a Syfy original, I had very low expectations. So far, the series has exceeded them. The SFX are fine and the cast does a pretty credible job of providing believable characters. It’s not top tier film-making, but I think there’s a lot to enjoy and a lot of inspiration. There are some good ideas along with some groaners – the conglomerate that runs the colonies is know as . . . “the Company,” . . . wow, must have reached deep for that one. There’s nothing here, though, that wouldn’t be out of place at a game table, so I think RPGers will have some patience for it.

I give Killjoys (so far) 3.5 locked and served warrants out of 5. This isn’t prestige TV, but if you have a chance, give it an eyeball.

You can find out more about Killjoys at Wikipedia, IMDB, and Space (in Canada).

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