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My Week That Was, 3 Mar 2017

My course is done, but in its last week I had to do some reading on Soviet and American denial and deception practices in the Cold War. The articles are all behind a paywall, but let’s just say the USSR was pretty much the king of Cold War deception, at least in the 1960s.

I’ve been reading Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle, which was a preview of D&D 5e, which was known at that time as D&D Next. I’m prepping for getting back into regular RPGing with my daughters, and want to try D&D 5e with them again. Rather than create something myself, going with a published adventure. I’m interested to see how it plays out, since they really did enjoy the adventure that came with the 5e Starter Set.

Also in RPGs, I’m doing final preparations for Lawless Heaven, my love letter to current Korean action cinema in the form of a one-shot adventure using my updated Sword’s Edge rules. I’m running it at Breakout Con in Toronto, 10-12 March, and the Saturday afternoon game is sold out. Right now, there are still seats available Friday evening and Sunday morning.

I cleaned up a couple of short stories and got them out into the wild to see if they’ll survive, and I need to get back to finishing off a short fiction commission on which some extra work was requested. Sounds like a Saturday night job!

My favourite podcast this week was Bombshell with its “Rage Against Alcibiades” episode. Not so much for their Kim Jong Nam piece, but for the rest of the podcast, including answering listener questions. If you dig national security wonkiness, you’ll dig this podcast.

I hope your week was cool.