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My Week That Was, 23 Dec 2016

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A little bit late, but I did finally get my thoughts for Rogue One out.

I’m working on a final paper for one of my courses, and I’ve been reading a lot about North Korea’s missile program. Two great places to go if you are interested in North Korea’s WMDs is 38 North and Jeffrey Lewis at Arms Control Wonk. Lots of great information from academics who follow North Korea and/or proliferation.

I only barely touched on Virtual Light as I am looking at re-reading William Gibson’s SF works. Pattern Recognition comes much later.

I’ve been working on a fiction commission, so have only minimally worked on gaming stuff, but I have the notes down for a straight-up heroic fantasy game I’m going to be running for the Ottawa Warband, and I’ve started sketching out an adventure to introduce some co-workers to RPGs.

For podcasts, I’m two episodes into the Fall of Rome and am a huge fan. The host doesn’t have the same light levity of the History of Rome, but it is early in the game. Still, the information provided is outstanding. Even the discussion of what is meant by the “fall of Rome” in the introductory episode is fantastic for getting to understand the intricacies of Roman politics, culture, and economy. Really, I can see this becoming my main podcast, just as the History of Rome was. Strongly recommended.

I had a couple of hours of gaming last night once my brain turned off, and I’ve revisited GTA IV. I really like the story even though I am absolute suck at the actual game. I really like the story of Niko Bellic and his travails in America.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season. We celebrate secular Christmas at my house, but sending love out to everyone who celebrates something religious this season.