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The New Normal

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This is a bit of a personal post as well as a kind of situation report. Those of you following me on G+ are probably aware that my family bought a new house. We moved in on 9 Sep and it’s a massive change from what we used to live in. It’s a real house in a real neighbourhood and we’ve already established pretty good relations with almost all our neighbours. The school isn’t as good as the last one (for those in the Ottawa region, Agincourt Public School is superior to Barrhaven Public School in most measures, at least from our experience). This is something we can help to change if we get involved, otherwise we are just whiners.

The big difference is finances. We have gone from being able to pretty much spend however we want to requiring a very tight budget. The finances are in, and based on all indicators, we’re going to be just scraping by and probably significantly dipping into our savings. Now, this will change because I am in line for a couple of raises (waiting for a contract to be signed and then a statutory increase in a year’s time) so this is a temporary matter, but it is something that has created some stress.

What this means is that until our finances change, I’ll only be buying beer on special occasions. I won’t be backing Kickstarters any longer. I won’t be able to pocket-finance projects. I won’t be buying any games, any comics, or really much of anything. Some of this I could have avoided, but I’d rather cut down on my consumption than stop our charitable donations, which aren’t sizeable, but amount to pretty much half of my discretionary spending for a month.

This has a direct effect on my involvement in the RPG community: no conventions except for Breakout Con to which I’ve already committed, but that will be it at least for the next few years. Production at SEP is going to take a hit as I don’t have the time to run Kickstarters when I am studying for a masters (and I may be put on French language training through my job) and I won’t have the money to invest in art, editing, layout, etc.

This is unwelcome but not terrible. We’re looking at a horizon of about three years. At that point, we won’t be exactly back to where we were, but we’ll be pretty far ahead and I’ll be back to having some money in my pocket.

So, if you see some changes, you know why. I’ll still be around virtually and I’ll still be gaming, but what I do and how I do it might change.

Just so you know.

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  1. It’s been a great improvement for us, though I’m generally a “glass half full” and my wife is a little “glass half empty.” There’s a happy medium there somewhere. Hope things work out for you and yours as well!

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