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My Week That Was, 21 October 2016

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The best thing I read for class this week was Thomas Fingar’s Reducing Uncertainty, all about the role of intelligence analysis.

I’ve been reading Hyena Road, the novelization of the Paul Gross movie I have not yet seen.

I ran some Sword’s Edge in the campaign I’m calling the Nor’Westers, which uses Western themes and tropes for an adventure set in 1810 along the North West Company’s fur trade route into Canada’s interior.

Favourite podcast listened to this week has to be the Slate Political Gabfest discussing – who could have guessed – the US election, although regular host John Dickerson wasn’t on it.

I’ve actually played about 30 minutes to an hour of computer games a couple of nights after I finish my coursework. I feel guilty, but generally I’m too tired to do anything more productive. This week, I played Darkest Dungeon. Kind of hooked.