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They Dark Live in Matrix City – the Game

I’ve been working on some writing while taking a break from my academic studies, but I probably haven’t put enough time into my work as I should. That’s because I’m addicted to Saint’s Row IV.

He has no name . . . except maybe Boss.

I picked up Saint’s Row III a while back during one of the Steam sales, probably a summer sale. I really enjoyed Grand Theft Auto 4, so I checked it out. It was so unlike and over the top, I think I actually enjoyed it better. It was kind of crazy. I picked up a bundle of Saint’s Row stuff this last Steam Summer Sale and gave Saint’s Row 2 a shot. The driving was different enough that it messed me up. I wasn’t really excited about Saint’s Row 4 based on what I had read about it – which, it turned out, downplayed all the stuff I found awesome.

And I’m hooked.

The thing is, this game is batshit insane. It flushed any sense of realism down the toilet and then introduced me to a setting that was part They Live, part the Matrix, and part Dark City.

Getting ready to leap a tall building

It’s like they had my brain hooked up to a game design program and this is what it spit out.

This is actually really bad because I have work to do and tonight we just sold our home (well, conditionally), so stress is kind of high and there are tons of things to do. But all I want to do is get back into the simulation, leap tall buildings, run like the flash, and fight aliens. It’s crazy fun. And I have to admit, I dig the story. I mean, it’s nothing fresh or unique, but the character moments are pretty fun and the insane action is like a superhero version of Big Trouble in Little China.

So I will be working on getting some writing done, and will hopefully have something to share with everyone in the next few months, but I’ll probably be staying up late, honing my superpowers, and trying to take over the simulation to stop the evil alien overlord.

Awesome, wacky fun.

You can find out more about the Saint’s Row games here.