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Emperors of Rome

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I’m not only an intermittent podcast host, I’m also a regular listener to podcasts. I actually don’t listen to many gaming podcasts – I find that when I’m not getting my fill of gaming, I listen to them a lot more – but still follow some political and history podcasts.

One of my favourites right now is Emperors of Rome. This should come as no surprise, considering my love for the sadly completed History of Rome (though Mike Duncan’s Revolutions is just as amazing). I actually get excited each time I see a new episode in my feed. This is not only filled with fantastic information about the emperors and their places in history, the two hosts are very personable with great interplay. I’m going to be very, very sad when we run out of emperors to discuss.

If you like history podcasts, you need to give this one a try. Granted, my love of Roman history probably bumps this up a bit, but I think if you try it, you’ll agree this is one of the best.

I give Emperors of Rome 4.75 deifications out of 5. This is a fantastic podcast on Roman emperors, which is both enjoyable and informative.

You can find Emperors of Rome on iTunes, where you can also find History of Rome and Revolutions.