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I Have Returned

I’ve returned from a long trip, and after spending about a week at home alone – my wife and children still in Korea – I am finally going to go pick them up at the airport. It’s a very good day.

I’ve also finished my first paper for my master’s program. It wasn’t too bad except I was away for three weeks and so I only really had three days when I returned to get it done. Luckily, the prof had mercy and gave me a few extra days. Yesterday I handed it in and I feel a lot better. There are a few other smaller pieces that need to be done to complete the course, and I can do them this weekend.

I have a week before my other courses – that’s right, plural; I’m taking two courses over the next two months – and I hope to get some work done here.

On the docket are some more listen throughs of the last episodes of the Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt course and a review of Five Bloody Heads which I mentioned back in October.

So stick around. These won’t all be dropping immediately, so there’ll be maybe a couple of weeks of posts and then we’ll see how I handle two courses at once.


Also, go check out the Bundle of Holding, which includes Nefertiti Overdrive and a bunch of other awesome indie games.