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Strike Back – Legacy

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I’ve seen the first episode of Strike Back Legacy, the fifth season of Strike Back. This time, kidnappers take the daughter of the UK ambassador in Thailand who is undertaking talks with North Korea. It looks like it was filmed on location in Thailand, and it looks pretty good.

I honestly had to give up on the fourth season (Shadow Warfare). I mean, much of it was good, but it was the season that pretty much demonized homosexuality and implied women weren’t fit for command. I really had enough of it. I’m sure it played well to its target audience, but I had hoped that I was its target audience as well.

Legacy episode one had no gratuitous nudity and the female operative who was allowed to join the boys got rocked as bad as the boys and came to their rescue a couple of times. The action – always the best part of the show – remains top notch. I almost groaned when they had it be the North Koreans involved, but who else can one demonize these days? Maybe for once the production team will have done some homework, but I expect this is going to be kind of like Olympus Has Fallen, in which I’ll just grin and bear the idiocy in order to enjoy the action.