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Five Bloody Heads

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For those who dig sword noir, I think I may have found an author you might enjoy. Peter Fugazzotto’s work has been published in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and Grimdark. He’s self-published a couple of novels, and I read an excerpt from his latest on his website. I like his writing style and the premise of Five Bloody Heads intrigues me. I’ll admit, I really don’t like the protagonist right now, but I am hoping that through the course of Five Bloody Heads he’s redeemed somewhat. I don’t mind tough protagonists, but I prefer them with a code of honour, like Conan, Marlowe, or Parker.

Go check out Peter Fugazzotto’s website and read the excerpt there. Decide for yourself if this looks like something you could dig. Amazon has one of his previous novels on for 99 cents when I checked, and I think for that amount, it’s pretty easy to take a chance.

You can find out more about Peter Fugazzotto at his website, here.

You can read an excerpt from Five Bloody Heads here.

You can find Peter Fugazzotto’s Amazon Author’s page here.