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The Great Courses Listen Throughs

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If you’ve been around here any length of time, you’ve likely seen me write about the Great Courses. I’m a huge fan of the courses, and different ones have influenced Kiss My Axe, Centurion, and Nefertiti Overdrive. That might be why the Great Courses have approached me about being an affiliate – meaning I’d host links here that direct back to the Great Courses and if those lead to a sale, I’ll get a cut.

It’s not something that I wouldn’t be doing anyway, but I wanted to mention it especially since I was going to do a “listen through” of two of the lecture series from the Great Courses.

The PDFs for Nefertiti Overdrive have been provided to backers and I’m just awaiting a proof so I can okay print production and get the books to the backers. Given that, I wanted to do a “listen through” for two lecture series on Egyptian history from the Great Courses. Once a week I’m going to post an article here that is part review, part overview, and part discussion of how I take inspiration from the episode.

I hope that sounds interesting. This is not something I am doing specifically because of the affiliate program, but was rather something I wanted to do to help provide inspiration for people who are interested in gaming in an Egyptian setting.

Expect to see the first post next week. I’m actually excited to return to these series which are both entertaining and enlightening.