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I Have Returned!

From Gen Con.

This is not a real post, but just a quick note to mention the three things I really loved at this Gen Con.

Short Order Heroes – fantastic little RPG using cards to build characters and stories that can also be used to quickly give NPCs personalities. For building stuff on the fly, I think this would be super valuable.

Cartel – Mark Diaz Truman ran us through a quick session of Cartel (Mexican narcofiction Powered by the Apocalypse) which was both properly badass and incredibly fun. Watch for the Kickstarter because I don’t think you want to miss this one.

Castle Assault – I’m more an RPGer than a boardgamer, but I had a chance to play about 30 minutes of this and I had a lot of fun. The rules are simple enough that I had a really good idea how everything worked by the end of that 30 minutes. Definitely give this a look.

I’ll be writing reviews for each of these in the coming days. Right now? I’m just happy to be home.