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Gen Con Finds: Castle Assault

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I don’t play boardgames as much as many people, but we have a few around the house, and as my girls get older, I’m investing in more. When I heard about Castle Assault, I was intrigued and wanted to check it out at Gen Con. I’m glad I did.

In Castle Assault, you play an army . . . wait for it . . . assaulting a castle. It’s referred to as a tower defence game, though I will admit this means nothing to me. The game can be played solo or with two players, and the basic rules can be digested in about ten minutes. That’s kind of like saying poker can be explained it ten minutes – it can, but there is so much more to it than the basic rules.

The armies are composed of unit and command cards, in which the command cards act as kind of “buffs” for the units, giving them special abilities or allowing them to act in special ways. Each of the armies has a specific style, meaning that each requires a different strategy to use and oppose. That makes the game different with every play. The art for each is unique and lends itself. Each army also has a hero card, a kind of player character for the board game.

This is kind of a mini-review, and I’ll write more when this game gets released. My understanding is that should be in a couple of months, so the wait won’t be long.

I give Castle Assault 4.5 rampaging orc battalions out of 5. The game is easy to learn but would likely take a satisfying amount of time to master. The art is great and the variety of cards and armies gives a player lots of different ways to enjoy the game.

You can find out more about Castle Assault here.