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No-Fiction Friday: But I’m Writing

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In getting back in to regular fiction writing, I’ve given myself permission to write to no purpose. This is going to create a lot more starts without finishes, but I’m okay with that. Since my sale to Black Gate back in 2011, I haven’t been diligent in marketing my stuff. I’ve hit the pro markets and nothing beyond that. I have four finished stories that probably won’t be finding homes, so why worry so much about writing for publication? I mean, if I get back on track, submitting, and submitting again until a piece gets published, I’ll get back to working hard on finishing pieces.

Until then, I can write whatever I feel like writing. This afternoon, I sat down and knocked out 500+ words in under an hour. And they aren’t bad words. Sure, they’ll need editing, but it was a good start. Too bad I have no idea where this story is going. Still, it’s good exercise. Like any other muscle, the writing muscle needs its workout.

This is the home of “A Pound of Dead Flesh.”

These are the opening lines of the thing on which I was working:

“They want you to run.” Rudiger’s smile was more of a snarl.

Quill faced five of the Sharp Clerks, Rudiger’s crew. They had a reputation for cruelty and bloodlust. The Warren Knights – the overgang of the Warrens – used that, used the reputation and the reality behind it. You crossed the Knights, you’d face the Clerks.

But Quill hadn’t crossed the Knights. She was a Knight.