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Earthquake in Nepal

You may not be aware that there was a major earthquake in Nepal. The aftershocks were almost as bad as the actual earthquake. For a country with the limited infrastructure and emergency services as Nepal, natural disasters cause levels of suffering we can’t even imagine in our safe and comfortable homes. Fellow human beings who will never have the luxuries we enjoy have just been devastated, and while I’m not wealthy, I can’t help but donate something. I’ll be honest with you, it was only $50 CAD, but if everyone who could afford that (or $20, or $10) did so, charitable organizations can multiply the impact of those donations with their knowledge, networks, experience and skills-base.

I donated to Oxfam because it is one of two charities that I support on a monthly basis (the other being World Vision). Please consider giving something to a charity that is active in the international sphere. Some people are very suspicious of charities, and that’s fine – do your homework, find one that you accept as trustworthy, and then donate.

I wish I could do more. This is one way I can try to extend my own charity.

You can read more about the earthquake here.

You can donate to Oxfam Canada here. Find a local chapter here.

You can find World Vision Canada here and international here.