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Weekly Round-Up for 4 Jan 2015

These days I’m focusing on getting the Nefertiti Overdrive Kickstarter ready (13 January . . . and don’t you forget it!), so Sword’s Edge is going to be quiet for a while.

Not that much of a difference, I know.

But, on to the round up!

Pirates: I can’t really review this movie because I saw it in Korean. While I used to watch Korean TV and movies when I lived there (without subtitles, I mean), it’s been almost 15 years since I moved back to Canada, so I really couldn’t understand anything that was said. The basics of the movie were still pretty clear, and while Korean movies seem to still have a problem with Female action leads (hint: they still need a man!), this has a pretty tough, capable female captain chasing a royal seal (the one for marking documents, not the one that eats fish) from China (maybe?) which had been swallowed by a whale. Lots of swashbuckling and derring-do, so I am definitely going to seek this out with subtitles if it ever hits these shores or appears on Netflix.

King of New York: This was a gift from Accidental Chris’ daughter to my eldest, but it was really a gift from one family to the other. It is a fantastic game, and while it says 10+, my five year-old (turning six in a month) has no problem following the game (though she sometimes need the cards explained to her). What could be more fun than playing monsters leveling New York? Especially when Kong appears to be some kind of rock star, commie, giant ape. So cool.

Zipfy Freestyle Luge: We sucked up the freezing rain so we could take advantage of the snow that fell last night. This was the first snow since Christmas, and the girls got these cool little sleds/luges as gifts, so we wanted to try them out. The girls loved them. Turns out, these are for adults as well, but I thought they were children’s luges. My wife is small enough, so she felt okay to ride one, and she was howling with laughter. These things are great little rides, and a nice alternative to your average sled/toboggan.