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Weekly Round-Up for 28 Dec 2014

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Call of Juarez – Bound in Blood: I gotta tell you, this western FPS is pretty much the definition of railroading. Granted, so are all of the episodes in the Call of Duty series, and I enjoy those. And I do enjoy Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. The graphics are dated (it’s a 2009 game), and it took me less than 8 hours to complete my first run-through, but I love using guns like (according to IMFDB) the Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine, the Jennings .41 Volcanic Repeater, and especially the Colt 1848 Dragoon. I kind of suck at the gunfights, but I’m learning, and I actually enjoy the story. It’s got a lot of hardboiled in its spaghetti western, and I love those flavours. I’m picking up Cartel and Gunslinger, which are pretty cheap on Steam right now.

Commitment: Another fantastic South Korean action movie about North Koreans. This time, the hero is a very young North Korean agent, recruited from a camp for political prisoners (there are really more like colonies, with numbers in the thousands and tens of thousands), and offered freedom for himself and his sister if he does this one job. Oddly enough, part of this movie is a high school drama. It’s very entertaining with some great action.