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Weekly Roundup for 30 Nov 2014

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Strike Back: Shadow Warfare Episode 3: So, if you like Strike Back, you’ll probably enjoy season 4, but I’ve said that before. This time, I want register another issue with the writing. Dougray Scott plays ex-SAS, now assassin for hire (and apparently casino owner in Beirut) Leatherby. Nothing wrong with all that, but they make him gay. Listen, it’s great to have gay characters, but to have them as a psychopathic villain? When one of the heroes is the most heterosexual male possible and you make the villain gay, whether you intend to or not you are indicating homosexuality is not normal, is wrong, is even evil. And that’s so completely false, I can’t even begin to argue it. It is, however, a common trope. A disturbing, common trope. I can’t really expect more from a show that has a boobies requirement.

Chasing Ice: My wife and I wanted to watch something together, and the look of this documentary made me think she’d enjoy it. She did. Lots of amazing visuals here as well as a very interesting story of a photographer who – upon seeing the effects of climate change – decided to act. And he used photography to do it. If you are in the climate change denial camp . . .  you’re going to have a bad time, both with this documentary and with the judgement of history.