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Weekly Roundup for 23 Nov 2014

Strike Back: Shadow Warfare. I’ve watched the first two episodes of season four of Strike Back. It looks like they are still filming in South Africa, and using it as both Columbia and Beirut. Now, I think it does okay as Columbia, but it is a really poor Beirut. If they wanted something closer to Beirut, they probably should have filmed in Israel or Turkey. And they still have the need to show boobies every episode. Given these failings, it’s still a fun watch, and if you liked seasons two and three, I’m pretty sure you’ll like four.

Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines. I couldn’t finish this. Really, this is bad. The acting is very wooden and the action is completely unimpressive. Listen, if you are going to go for military porn, do something other than full automatic Rambo shooting. I guess there’s an audience for that, but I’m not counted among them. I would have been okay with this if it had been poorly acted but had half-decent combat choreography. As it was, thirty minutes into this, I gave up and switched to Strike Back. At least they do the military porn right.

Outpost: Black Sun. I liked Outpost, though mostly because of Ray Stevenson, who seems to be pretty solid in everything in which I’ve seen him. This sequel isn’t bad, but then again, it isn’t good. Its greatest value to me was as inspiration. I could totally see running a short campaign of the PCs tracking down Nazi super-tech that creates invincible, undead soldiers. This is a fair enough time waster, but I really didn’t like how they portrayed special force operators as inhuman kill machines with no human empathy.