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Numbers Without Value

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I’ve been looking at numbers of visitors to the site after working through Sword’s Edge Publishing’s numbers. Like SEP, the numbers at SE seems pretty consistent, however there is more noticeable variation. For example, in August the site had 163 unique visitors while in July it had 222. An interesting data point is that August had 10 posts while July had 9. Following this through, June had 147 unique visitors and 11 posts.

Like SEP, the data that I have doesn’t really seem to point to consistent posting leading to higher visitor numbers. Also like SEP, I have no idea what draws people here. On a more personal note, other than my egotistical need to prove I’m interesting, what purpose does SE serve?

The intent has always been for SE and SEP to support money-making ventures – whether through RPGs or fiction. Yes, it is a product as much as it is a personal site. Were it simply a personal site, I doubt I would post as often, maybe doing just reviews and such.

What the numbers tell me is that attendance at SE is very similar to patterns at SEP, but that while SEP gets around 250 visitors, SE gets around 175. I’m pretty sure that vast majority of those 175 are included in SEP’s 250.

Right now this is all just interesting rather than applicable. And I think it is probably interesting pretty much just to me.