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Habits Change

I realized that I haven’t read that many novels this year and I was thinking “man, I really don’t read any more,” and I was planning a blog post exploring that.

So I thought about it. And, yes, I haven’t read that many novels. But not reading any longer? I read on average 3 to 4 hours a day at work. I do some reading at home – mostly history stuff or articles on the internet – but mostly at home I am listening. I’m listening to podcasts, to the radio, and to recorded lectures.

What I’m not reading or listening to is fiction. Not sure why that is. I do still read some short fiction or novel excerpts, but I rarely read novels. When I do read them, they tend to last for a while because my reading tends to be 20 minutes on the bus in the morning going to work. On the way home? I’ve been reading all day, so I rarely read on the way home.

I guess the big question is: is this a problem? Considering that I read for enjoyment, no. No it is not a problem. Now, were I to get back into writing regularly and for submission, it might be a problem. The only way to know the clichés and tropes of your genre is to read in your genre. An effective way to improve your genre writing is to read outside your genre. Were I writing to submit, not reading would be a problem.

But I’m not. So it’s not.

It is, however, extremely weird.

2 thoughts on “Habits Change”

  1. I found that when I got more involved in Publishing, I had less time to read. Maybe I should flip that… I seem to recall it was more fun the other way around 😉

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