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Guardians of the Borderlands

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During the thinking-phase of my planning for a Pandora Excess campaign which I could offer up as a possibility to my gaming group here in Ottawa, I came to a realization: Borderlands 2 and the Guardians of the Galaxy movie share a plot. Yes, the specifics of the plot vary dramatically, but both are about keeping alien technology (so advanced as to appear magic) away from a megalomaniacal villain. Borderlands also kind of fits into this plot, but in that the villain is less of a presence than the villain’s group of baddies.

So the campaign I thought up wasn’t that different from the pulp adventure campaign I will be running: group of misfits travel to various locations to get mystical item. In the case of the pulp campaign, those various locations will be around the world, while in a Pandora Excess game, those locations could be anywhere – on a planet, in inter-dimensional space, on the event horizon of a black holes, literally anywhere.

While this isn’t going to inform the campaign – as the campaign won’t be happening – it is great grist for the fiction-mill and will help to push forward work on my evolving Pandora Excess fiction.

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