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Weekly Round-up for 27 July 2014

Fever” by the Black Keys. I really enjoyed El Camino, but I had no idea this was the Black Keys when it became an earworm for me. Luckily Live 88.5, my local station, has a song list on its website, so I was able to track this down after listening. Am I going to purchase the whole album? Not likes. While I liked El Camino, I really ended up buying the album for three songs.

Raven’s Shadow: Blood Song by Anthony Ryan. A friend at work recommended this novel very strongly. I picked up the ebook – let me say right now, it seems like publishers want me to pirate their books, because $8 for an ebook is way the fuck overpriced when the paperback is $9.50 – and put it in the queue. Its number came up this week. I’m a few chapters in and really liking it. It seems like heroic fantasy, which I dig, and kind of has a David Gemmell-vibe to it. So far, this is a definite recommend.

Name of the Game” by the Crystal Method. This is a stand in for all the songs I’ve been listening to while writing Pandora Excess. The Crystal Method has a lot of songs that are perfect for the feeling of crazy, bullet-ridden action. I got hooked on “Name of the Game” watching Blade 2, and only after did I realize it was Crystal Method, who I got into after hearing “Keep Hope Alive” while watching the Replacement Killers. These tunes really get me in the mood to work.