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Review: Slate Money

The online magazine Slate has a great set of podcasts, the best of which, in my opinion, is the Political Gabfest. On the strength of the Political Gabfest, I purchased a membership to Slate Plus, which – among other advantages – provides ad-free podcasts. It was through Slate Plus that I found Slate Money.

I am not an investor. I don’t know much about finance. I do know that economics is a driving force in the modern world and that economic decisions made by politicians and business people impact on all our lives. As such, I do have an interest in economics. So I thought I’d give Slate Money a shot.

It is now a “listen immediately” podcast, along with the Political Gabfest. The Slate Money hosts are smart, personable, and have enough of a difference in viewpoints that it provides lively discussion. More importantly, for a dude whose knowledge of finance and the economy comes from mass media with some small amount of theory learned in university, this show holds my interest while educating me.

I really can’t recommend Slate Money enough. If you listen to podcasts and have any interest in our modern economic system, I would strongly suggest trying one episode to see what you think.

I give Slate Money 4.75 bank bailouts out of 5.

You can find Slate Money here.

You can find the Political Gabfest here.

You can find Slate here.