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Weekly Round-Up for 29 June 2014

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When I’m Small” by Phantogram. I said I had to check this group out. On the way to the Canadian Aviation Museum with my girls last week, this came on the radio. It caught my attention and I made a note to try to get the info from the DJ (or whatever you call them now). All I caught was Phantogram. I went through a bunch of songs to find it. Not a waste of time. Phantogram has a lot of pretty cool tunes, and this is one of them.

Dr. Lankov’s AMA. Dr. Andrei Lankov is a Russian expert on North Korea – mostly culture and economy – who resides in South Korea. Having had the honour and pleasure to meet him and chat, he is incredibly approachable and affable. He is also scary smart on North Korea and the changes that are taking place in its society and economy. If you have a passing interest in North Korea, his “Ask Me Anything” will bring you up to speed. His recent book, the Real North Korea, is a great read, but is written for a general audience and in a very conversational tone.

Strike Back: Vengeance. I’m now on Episode 3 and it includes an actor I find very watchable, though because he is of Moroccan-descent (though French-born), he’s relegated to being Mr. Bad Muslim Terrorist. I picked Saïd Taghmaoui to play the Serpent (when that character was male . . . no time to explain) when I first through up Nefertiti Overdrive. Episode 3 is set in Niger, and my willing suspension of disbelief may have been stretched out of shape already, but I was more ready to believe the characters were in Niamey than Mogadishu in the last episode.

Nuka Break. Maybe I haven’t mentioned it, but I was a very late-comer to Fallout, getting seduced by Fallout 3 under a year ago and becoming truly addicted to Fallout: New Veagas. I found this fan-made and very cool series on You Tube through its Kickstarter. I found the rewards over-priced, though others didn’t and it was funded. It’d obviously fan-made, but still very watchable.