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Weekly Round-Up for 21 June 2014

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Ways to Go” by Grouplove. This was the earworm of the week for me.  It popped up on the radio a few times and then when I was listening to streaming music at work (I’m a bad, bad man), it popped up again. Not complaining. It reminds me of the 80s, which I actually remember (parts of it). Seeing the video . . . that’s interesting, and somewhat off-putting. I need to stop looking up videos. I guess that’s supposed to be Kim Jong Un? Strange intersection.

Songza. The firewall at work keeps out almost anything that would allow me even the slightest break in the silence. A colleague of mine had music playing in his cubicle, so I had to ask, and BOOM, now I can listen to music at work. It has an interesting “concierge” service that provides advice, though I have been using it mostly for its genre playlists.

Urban Shadows. This RPG powered by Apocalypse World (the same foundation as Dungeon World) is Kickstarting right now. It’s been funded, but you can still get in there for early access and Stretch Goals. The Accidental Survivors chatted with Andrew Medeiros, the game designer. To be honest, I know Andrew relatively well and he’s a friend of Rob Wakefield’s. To also be honest, he’s a hell of a cool guy and is exactly the kind of person I love to see succeed – smart, capable, humble and humorous. Also, Mark Diaz Truman is on board with this, and if you don’t know that name and are interested in RPGs, you need to read up on the man. He is a force of nature. Go support this game and support great designers and their great games.

Edge of Tomorrow Soundtrack. The mighty Mark Richardson of Green Hat Designs mentioned this soundtrack on Twitter. I am a huge soundtrack junky. I find them excellent background music for writing. I got a chance to test it out on XBox music for free – the only good thing about Windows 8 is XBox music free 10 hour streaming per month. Excellent stuff. Fits really well into my existing collection. I’m buying it from XBox not because I love Microsoft, but because it lets me listen to the entire album before buying and its the same price as iTunes.