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Weekly Round-up 15 Jun 2014

So, while I’ll still tag these posts as Sunday Six, let’s re-brand them weekly round-up. Here are some things I’ve seen, read, listened, or otherwise enjoyed this past week. I really struggle to come up with six things, especially when I am working on a project and so consuming very little media.

Be that as it may, here are some things I encountered this last week.

Strike Back Season 3: I had enjoyed the original Strike Back (aka Chris Ryan’s Strike Back), although I had some real misgivings about Project Dawn (aka, Season 2). I got the chance to watch the first two episodes of season 3 (Vengeance). They weren’t terrible, and the tricked out, modded up G3s were pretty kicking. My biggest problem the use of South African locales as a stand-in for Mogadishu. Africa worked in the original series as a stand-in for Zimbabwe, but it really, really doesn’t work for Mogadishu. If that doesn’t bother you – and I accept this a very idiosyncratic problem of mine – Strike Back is a fair time-waster. Be aware, though, every episode has some gratuitous naked breasts. Nothing to do with the story, just stuff’s happening, shooting, breasts, more shooting, more stuff.

Far Cry 2: Speaking of Africa, GOG had Far Cry 2 on sale for $2.49 USD. I couldn’t pass it up. I enjoy a good shooter, but I am terrible at them. My biggest problem with Far Cry 2 is that I can never tell where the bullets are coming from. That wouldn’t be an issue if the opponents didn’t have ballistic radar and were able to pinpoint me every time I fired. Still, it’s fun, and I can cheat if it is really bothering me.

The Bends by Radiohead: This has got to be one of my favourite albums ever. It has always struck me as a very coherent work. Although I don’t believe it was meant as a concept album, everything cohered so well, it had a very specific feel. At least for me. I listened to the Bends all the way through twice this week. Don’t know what it was that drew me back, but I just suddenly wanted to listen.

I Heard I Had” by Dear Rouge: This week’s jam. Unlike others, I wasn’t influenced to purchase this one on iTunes. Nope. Instead, I went to the group’s website – which is generally my first step – and found I could buy it as pay what you want. So I paid $1.29, the standard price for a single song in iTunes. I am hoping the band sees more of this money. This song wasn’t available on the Dear Rouge store when I went to look, but I’m sure you can buy it from iTune or Amazon or something.

Acetaminophen: A week ago, I was fighting a really bad cold which included fever, chills and sweats. Thankfully, I live in the modern era in which I have a selection of drugs not only to defeat some of the heinous diseases that laid low our ancestors, but even to provide me a more comfortable level of suffering. About an hour after swallowing some acetaminophen, I felt vaguely human. I love progress.