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Sunday Six for June 1, 2014 Part the Deux

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Here are the final two to make up the Sunday Six. I already fired off four because Great Pharaohs of Egypt was on sale and I wanted to let everyone know.

Speaking of sales . . .

Darklands. Man, I played the heck out of this game back in university. I had to buy it. There are a few things that I love about this game. The artwork that is presented on the interaction screens is great. Its historical setting is so perfect for gaming, and its use of that historical period in character creation and growth. The use of real myths and legends of the period to offer up monsters struck me as novel at the time, and another particularly successful application of history to the game. Finally, the book with the system rules read like a real RPG. I was fascinated by that back then, when I had only just started to consider design. This may be a nostalgia purchase, but it is on sale until 3 Jun for $2.99, and I could not pass it up.

Longmire. I will admit to checking this out solely on the basis of getting to see more Katee Sackhoff. What I found was a complex and deeply satisfying series that not only has stand-alone stories each week but also tidbits of some metaplot elements. This is about an older sheriff, Walt Longmire, in Wyoming solving cases ā€“ pretty much murders ā€“ every week with the help of his staff, including a deputy transplanted from Philadelphia (Katee Sackhoff as Vic). I have some real problems tearing myself away from the computer or TV as Netflix taunts me with the next episode each time one reaches completion. This is my crack right now.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Six for June 1, 2014 Part the Deux”

  1. Longmire is a guilty pleasure for me as well. Hard to believe the actor that plays him is an Aussie, or so I have read.

  2. I wouldn’t call it a guilty pleasure. I think this is some pretty good TV. And, yes, I was shocked to learn Robert Taylor who plays Longmire is Australian. He played one of the Agents in the Matrix. That cracks me up.

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