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Review: Badges of Fury

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Wow. That was . . . a movie.

I think.

My wife and I wanted to watch something on a Friday night, and this one was available on Netflix. We can always agree on a Jet Li movie, but this wasn’t actually a Jet Li movie. Jet Li was in it, but he was about the third or maybe fourth main character. He’s the grizzled veteran (they literally call his character that) partnered up with a guy so stupid, he makes the Keystone Cops look like Al Pacino’s team in Heat. They hunt down a killer who turns out to blah blah blah.


I’m very forgiving of a lot of things as long as the action is good. The fight scenes were okay, but nothing too exciting. There’s very little to recommend this movie. It’s an action comedy with very few funny moments and only mediocre action.

Give this one a pass and re-watch Hero.

I give Badges of Fury two furious badges out of five.

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