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Review: Barbarella

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Thanks to Netflix, I finally got the chance to see Barbarella. It’s like reaching some kind of milestone. I have heard about this movie for so very long. I actually remember reading about this movie in a book back when I was in grade school. The poster looked quite fetching. Years went by and while I have had the chance to see it, there was always some other better movie available.

And then I was flipping through Netflix and thought, now’s the time.


Well, yes, Jane Fonda is a very attractive young lady, and yes, you do get to see some soft bouncy bits, but no, I would not recommend watching this. Sure, it’s got Durand Durand, from which Duran Duran takes its name, but it is kind of a mess. I don’t even care about the piss poor SFX. I found it muddled, nonsensical, and – it’s greatest sin – boring. Perhaps a classic in the annals of SF, but I’ll take Planet of the Apes (made in the same year) over this any day of the week.

I give Barbarella two out of five soft, bouncy bits.

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