In Which I Think About Systems

I’m sitting here with no project on which to work. I could watch TV. I could read a book. I could build deck furniture.

Okay, I couldn’t actually build deck furniture, at least nothing that would be functional or look in any way presentable – though I have the time to build deck furniture.

Instead of doing those things, I’m thinking about games. Three games actually. I mention them over at SEP. Each of the games has a different system which I have only mapped out on a very global level. Now I’m moving things in my head – how could this mechanic work in this situation, and what happens when the players do the other.

Yeah, I think my next few projects will be games. Someday maybe I’ll be back in that place wherein I intricately plot stories and novels while doing the dishes or taking a walk, but right now I’m thinking about games and systems.

You can read about the games about which I’m thinking here.

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