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XBox Frozen Music

Frozen Movie PosterAbout the only good thing about Windows 8 in my opinion is the XBox Music app that is included with it. It basically allows one to search for music and listen to it as long as one is on-line. I’ve got a few playlists through XBox Music, and I even purchased the Man of Steel soundtrack through it, although I stopped purchasing songs through it as while I appreciate the ability to listen to music free, XBox Music is more expensive than iTunes, so that’s where I’m purchasing music. If XBox Music has competitive pricing, I’d be buying all my music through it.

The downside? As I write this, I’m listen to the Frozen Soundtrack. Better than Celine Dion, which my girls unfortunately demand on a continuous basis. If Frozen is the price I pay for avoiding Celine Dion, I am totally okay with that.