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Out of Focus

I’m in kind of a limbo right now, which is one reason why the blog has been quiet. I’m stuck between getting one Kickstarter delivered and starting the other, and I’m not quite sure where to direct my creative energies. Centurion: Legionaries of Rome is almost ready to release, with the layout being tweaked, while the setup for the short story collection, Farewell, Something Lovely, is done and only awaiting the press of a button to get it active.

I’m still writing, in fact I’ve got three RPGS (all based on pretty much the same system) and four short stories started. I’ve also got two longer works outlined and first chapters started. I’m producing, I’m just incredibly unfocused. I’m not terribly motivated to finish the short stories because I honestly don’t know if they will ever find a home. Undertaking a longer work is even more dubious. As for the RPGs, I’ve already planned what my next full project will be, but playtesting isn’t started on that, so the others are all far in the future, and it is also unknown if they will ever get out into the open.

So here I am, working on stuff, but scattershot. It doesn’t feel like being productive, even when I’m producing.

You can learn more about Centurion: Legionaries of Rome here.

You can learn more about Farewell, Something Lovely here.