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In Which I Admit to Being an Idiot

Things have been quiet here so I’ll drop a quick update and then fade back into the mists for a bit.

Centurion has been sent off for layout. That means the writing has all been edited and the art all delivered. I’m very, very happy with this game. I think the book is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait to get it into peoples’ hands.

Gen Con is starting on Thursday, and I am flying down on Wednesday. I’m embarrassed to admit this (I used to be a trainer and design training material for Passport Canada) but when I checked my passport a few months back I swear the expiry was Nov 2013. Turns out, it was Nov 2012. Yes, I now have to rush to get a passport in time. It’s doable, just very, very expensive.

Gen Con is worth it.

I’ve made a couple of decisions regarding Kickstarters. Now that Kickstarters are available to Canadians, the whole finance portion is less of a problem – though with Mark Diaz Truman’s help, finance on the Centurion Kickstarter was easy peasy. My next Kickstarter will be a short story collection. After that, I intend to release an RPG collection. You read that right: collection.

My next RPG project is going to have three short games packaged together. They all use the same basic mechanic with a few changes (like the Qualities that provide dice), so rather than try to Kickstart three small games separately, I’ll try to do them together. That’s the plan for now. I may try to go with three discreet projects, but with such small page counts, there isn’t really a point to a print component. That’s usually what people want.

We shall see. Still have to get Centurion off to the printers than off to the backers. Solid plans will wait for that.