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Friday Shifted into Nefertiti Overdrive

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By Friday, we were all in full Con mode. Given that I had to buy some stuff for my girls, I needed to hit the Exhibitor’s Hall. While I didn’t get what I wanted, I did get a few interviews done. Those are going to be released as a Gen Con special on the Accidental Survivors podcast. I also found the wifi hotspot at the small food court on the ground floor. That allowed me to check my email, which was helpful as I was trying to iron out some arrangements with a few people. I also picked up my Gen Con goodies.

Only one of the items I bought for myself was actually a Gen Con purchase. The other three were items I had supported during crowd-funding campaigns and Gen Con was my opportunity to pick them up and get them signed. I received both Hillfolk and Blood on the Snow from Pelegrane Press, which had been Kickstarted, and I received my copy of Reform School Ninja Girls, a comic funded through Indiegogo. The purchase for myself was Vol 4 of Skull Kickers, signed by Jim Zub. I was very happy with my purchases, but they were quite heavy, so I dropped them off in my room before lunch.

After lunch it was time for Nefertiti Overdrive. Nefertiti Overdrive started as a story idea that morphed into a plan for a relatively light, cinematic action system. I had such a good time running “Crossing the Millers” back in 2011, I wanted to get as many of the band back together as I could to run something else. The unanimous consensus was Nefertiti Overdrive. It went really well – I had fun, and while there were at least two issues with the mechanics, I really think the rules did what I wanted.

I was uncertain about my next RPG Kickstarter (my next Kickstarter will almost certainly be a short story collection), but now I’m fairly sure it will be Nefertiti Overdrive. It’ll need more playtesting and development, but I like the idea, I like the story, and I like the characters.

The one thing I didn’t do that Rob did a lot of, was Games on Demand. Back in 2011, I ran a couple of shifts there, but between running scheduled games and other commitments, I didn’t feel I had the time to run anything this year. Rob really enjoyed his time at GoD, and I think this will be my target if I get back to Gen Con in 2015. I did check it out, but it was late at night (more on that later) and there wasn’t anything that I wanted to test-drive for a couple of hours.

You see, Friday night I attended the Ennie Awards. My buddy Todd “the Warden,” received a special Judge’s Spotlight award for his game Killshot. It was certainly interesting watching the awards, but I think it probably means more if you a professional part of the industry (I try to be professional, but given I only make beer money off my ventures, I don’t count myself as an RPG professional) or if you are nominated for an award. Given the exceptionally short speeches common through the ceremony, I really felt like the page-long speech I was reading went on forever. On reviewing the video, it wasn’t that long. I just felt really bad talking for as long as I did while there was a long line behind me to receive their awards, and in comparison to the brevity of the other speeches.

I left the awards early, but too late to get in on Rob Wakefield’s Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game. MF Bullock and I went to see if there was anything rocking at the convention centre, and that’s when I went to check out GoD. There was still a crowd there, but it was after 10 PM, and I wasn’t in to gaming until 2, so we went back to the hotel. I was able to rotate into the Star Wars game just for the tail end of the adventure, which was pretty cool. I really like FFG’s Star Wars system, which is very much like Warhammer 3E. Rob and I had quickly run an encounter with the always awesome Jay Little on Thursday morning, and I liked the mechanics of that. Granted, it’s kind of a pain having to have special dice for the game, but I think the mechanics do a pretty good job of replicating the pulpy space opera adventure of Star Wars.

Early enough to bed meant a pretty good nights sleep. Friday ended my commitments. Saturday was supposed to be all about fun.

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