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Dungeon World Received

I received my Dungeon World package from the Dungeon World Kickstarter. I received the main book (a hefty 400+ pages) and three small supplements, provided in pocket notebook size.

I haven’t read through the entire book (of course), but I had the PDF previously and have read through that. I find Dungeon World fascinating, and if I get a chance at Gen Con, I’ll give it a try, but right now it is not something that I am intent on running. This is by no means the fault of the book, it is more the fault of me as a guy with so many ideas in my head, you have to really hook me with something spectacular to hold my interest. If my gaming group said they’d like to try out Dungeon World, of course I’d run it, but other than playtesting my games, they seem pretty vanilla in their rules choices, so that seems unlikely.

The three supplements are advanced player options, a collection of monsters, and the Planar Codex, which is the supplement that intrigues me the most. It’s kind of a pocket-sized Planescape.

I can’t really rate Dungeon World having not yet completed read it and not having played it. I will say that what I’ve read intrigues me, but this is a game I will learn by dribs and drabs as I grab it and read it for 30 minutes at a time on the bus.

If anyone has played Dungeon World and has any comments (or ratings out of 5 Sorcerous Kobolds), I’d appreciate hearing them.

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